Storage Cluster

Metro Cluster solution from EUROstor

Software Based Storage, as opposed to traditional storage systems like RAIDs, are a combination of In a Storage Cluster two or more servers act as one single storage system.
This can be a Scale-Out Cluster, where many nodes join their capacity, performance and bandwidth to the clients.
Or it can be a Failover Cluster, where two nodes offer high availability by presenting themselves as one single system with a virtual address.
A special case is the Metro-Cluster, where the two cluster nodes are placed in different locations.
EUROstor offers all these types of storage clusters will gladly support you to find an appropriate and tailor-made solution.

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ES-8700 DSS V7 Cluster

two nodes Open-E metro cluster DSS v7
  • iSCSI/NFS Cluster with Open-E DSS V7
  • up to 72 2.5" oder 36 3.5" disks, SAS, SATA and/or SSD, expandable with JBODs
  • clustering with automatic failover, also over network distance

ES-8700JCL ZFS Cluster

ZFS cluster
  • local or stretched mirror storage cluster
  • hyperconverged installable with VMware ESX
  • Open-E JovianDSS active/active cluster software, also hyper-converged

ES-8700JCL ZFS VM Cluster

JovianDSS FC Cluster with VMware Cluster
  • JovianDSS ZFS cluster as storage for VMware cluster
  • 32 Gbit FC to VMware Cluster
  • complete fail-over solution for virtualization

ES-8700JCLF Metro Cluster

Open-E Jovian DSS based EUROstor ES-8700 FC Metro Cluster
  • Shared Storage Metro Cluster with two nodes and mirrored FC JBODs
  • Open-E JovianDSS active/active cluster software
  • NFS, CIFS, iSCSI and optional Fibre Channel

Huawei Dorado

Huawei Dorade fullflash Cluster
  • ScaleOut FullFlash RAID System for FC and iSCSI
  • up to 8 dual controller systems in a cluster
  • SAS (Dorado 3000) or NVMe SSDs (Dorado 5000-18000)

Huawei OceanStor

Unified Storage: Huawei OceanStor 2600
  • Unified Storage Systems for SSD and/or Nearline Disks
  • for FC, FCoE, iSCSI, NFS, CIFS, HTTP and FTP
  • Dual Controller RAID, scalable to 8 controllers

ES-2800 Nexenta Cluster

EUROstor ES-2800 Nexenta Cluster with shared JBOD
  • 2 HE storage server heads for NAS, iSCSI and optional FC
  • shared storage in JBODs, also redundant (mirrored)
  • Nexenta HA cluster plugin, gold level support

ES-2900 DataCore Hyper-Converged

ES-2900 hyperconverged cluster with DataCore software
  • stretched dual node mirror or multinode scale-out cluster
  • hyperconverged installable with VMware ESX or Hyper-V
  • ESX certified 24 slot systems with Intel X11 board

Synology Fileserver

NAS server Synology RS3617RPxs
  • NAS file server for SMB, NFS, AFP, FTP and WebDAV
  • 4x 1 GbE, optional additional 4 10 GbE ports
  • Failover Cluster (2 systems required)