Seagate Nytro Solid State Disks

Seagate SSD - Overview

  • 12 Gbit SAS SSD
  • up to 15 TB on 2.5"
  • with up to 3 drive writes per day
  • for fast cache and all flash storage

Seagate SSD - fully customized for your business

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Product information

As one of the leading manufacturers of solid state disks, Seagate offers a broad portfolio for a wide variety of applications. Be it as a fast boot disk, as a cache with up to 3 write cycles per day over 5 years, or for AllFlash storage over high-capacity RAID networks.

Alternative products and AllFlash systems with these SSD:

Model overview

Model Capacity GB DWPD
Nytro SAS SSD, Light Endurance
XS6400LE70004 6400 3 pdf offer
XS3200LE70004 3200 3 pdf offer
XS1600LE70004 1600 3 pdf offer
XS800LE70004 800 3 pdf offer
Nytro SAS SSD, Scaled Endurance
XS15360TE70004 15360 0.7 pdf offer
XS7680SE70004 7600 1 pdf offer
XS3840SE70004 3840 1 pdf offer
XS1920SE70004 1920 1 pdf offer
XS960SE70004 960 1 pdf offer