Nutanix Hyper-Converged Storage

Nutanix - Overview

  • hyperconverged multinode scale-out cluster
  • for VMware ESX and Hyper-V, minimum 3 nodes
  • combines storage and server cluster
  • Nutanix Distributed Filesystem (NDFS) – on the fly scalable
  • highest availability with mirroring of all data, metadata and processes, each on two nodes
  • distributed master roles on VM level guarantee maximum load sharing and have no single point of failure
  • cluster nodes with 64 GB SATADOM for hypervisor installation
  • hypervisor: VMware ESXi or Windows Server with Hyper-V
  • Software: Nutanix Starter, Pro or Ultimate license
  • Nutanix Software Maintenance/Assurance

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Product information

Cluster solutions guarantee high availability and allow for uninterrupted IT services, also if single servers have to be shut down for maintenance.
Normally server and storage cluster are separated, which makes maintenance more complex. Not so with hyper-converged appliances.
With the Nutanix software installed on them, also data can be held redundant, thanks to its special NDFS filesystem. Thus, a scale-out cluster can be implemented over a practically unlimited number of nodes, which keep data as well as VMs redundant. This cluster is not managed by one central master node, but each VM has one defined master, whose data and processes are mirrored to a second node. So, the load is distributed and performance will be increased by every additional node.
In order to achieve maximum data throughput, SSDs are used as tier 1 storage. Up to 22 Nearline or SAS disks serving as tier 2 offer high capacity on every single node.
The minimum configuration for a Nutanix scale-out cluster consists of three nodes, handling up to 200 VMs. The cluster can be extended to several hundreds of nodes – for thousands of virtual machines.

Model overview

processor Intel Xeon E5-26xx v3 (configurable as needed)
RAM DDR4, 64 - 768 GB
host interfaces 2 or 4 x 10 Gbit Ethernet (RJ45 or SFP+)
RAID PowerEdge RAID controller H730
Disk support of 12 Gbit SAS and 6 Gbit SATA,
up to 24 disks per node, minimum 2 SSD for tier 1, further disks for tier 2
RAID level 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50 and 60
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