Scale Out Storage Cluster

Scale-Out Storage Cluster offer storage capacity with extremely high flexibility and availability, because they can be expanded without downtime.
And with each additional cluster node not only capacity but also bandwidth to the clients and overall performance will grow.
As data are written redundantly to all the nodes, the cluster remains available even it one or more nodes fail (depending on the level of redundancy).

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Windows Storage Spaces Direct Cluster

  • hyperconverged dual node mirror or multinode scale-out cluster
  • NAS storage cluster with Hyper-V
  • also as Metro Cluster

ES-9500 Quobyte

  • scale-out Cluster for NFS, SMB/CIFS, OpenStack, S3
  • servers with up to 36 3.5" or 72 2.5" slots
  • scalable to tens of thousands of nodes

ES-5000 Cloudian

  • Unlimited scalable object storage, easily expandable without interruption even through nodes of different sizes
  • no Single Point of Failure
  • performance and access bandwidth increases with the number of nodes

PetaSAN Ceph

  • Ceph-based iSCSI cluster that flexibly expands storage capacity
  • Integrated end-to-end solution based on proven cloud technology
  • n-way active/active iSCSI

Ambedded Ceph

  • Eight micro-servers on 1 U
  • Scale-Out on-the-fly
  • dedicated software management ports per server

Huawei OceanStor

  • Unified Storage Systems for SSD and/or Nearline Disks
  • for FC, FCoE, iSCSI, NFS, CIFS, HTTP and FTP
  • Dual Controller RAID, scalable to 8 controllers

Huawei Dorado

  • ScaleOut FullFlash RAID System for FC and iSCSI
  • up to 8 dual controller systems in a cluster
  • SAS (Dorado 3000) or NVMe SSDs (Dorado 5000-18000)


  • scale out storage cluster for maximum GPU utilization
  • for AI and deep learning applications with very high data throughput
  • over 10 GB/s to a single GPU client