Cloud and Object Storage

24 bay Cloud server from EUROstor

Whether data should be saved into the cloud or local storage capacity should be used as private cloud, EUROstor will offer you the right solution.
Infortrend GS RAID systems, as an example, can be used as a cache to the cloud and, on the other hand, can back up their data into the cloud or migrate them with auto-tiering.
ES-5000 systems with Cloudian Software are Object Storage systems, which can be used as private cloud, but also can store copies of their data into the cloud.
Our storage experts will gladly help you to find an appropriate solution for your needs!

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ES-5000 Cloudian

Cloudian Authorised Partner
  • Unlimited scalable object storage, easily expandable without interruption even through nodes of different sizes
  • no Single Point of Failure
  • performance and access bandwidth increases with the number of nodes

Infortrend EonStor GS

Infortrend EonStor GS-3012
  • Unified Storage RAID systems with modular host interfaces and Cloud support
  • cache to the cloud, cloud tiering, backup to the cloud
  • EonStor GS systems: single (upgradable) or dual controller

Ambedded Ceph

Ambeddes MARS-400 Ceph Cluster
  • Eight micro-servers on 1 U
  • Scale-Out on-the-fly
  • dedicated software management ports per server

PetaSAN Ceph

multi function nodes (MON/OSD/iSCSI)
  • Ceph-based iSCSI cluster that flexibly expands storage capacity
  • Integrated end-to-end solution based on proven cloud technology
  • n-way active/active iSCSI