Hyperconverged Storage

Nutanix hyperconverged storage solution

Server, storage and network in one box: hyper converged solutions use the resources of today’s high performing servers to combine a variety of different tasks in one machine.
Installing software defined storage as a virtual machine, e.g. under VMware esx or under Hyper-V, then the storage space provided can also be used by the other virtual machines.
And is all this is installed in a cluster, we have a high available hyper converged solution that allows to move virtual machines easily between the single systems.

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hyperconverged Storage by Nutanix
  • hyperconverged multinode scale-out cluster
  • for VMware ESX and Hyper-V, minimum 3 nodes
  • combines storage and server cluster

vSAN Scale-Out Cluster

three-node cluster with VMware Virtual SAN
  • hyperconverged multinode scale-out cluster for Vmware ESX
  • minimum 3 nodes, expandable on-the-fly
  • 2U server with eight 12 Gbit SAS disk slots,


hyperconverged Storage Grid with StorMagic
  • Hyperconverged Cluster (with volumes mirrored in pairs)
  • for redundant installation of virtualization and storage in a single cluster
  • for VMware, Windows Hyper-V or Linux KVM

Windows Storage Spaces Direct Cluster

ES-2000WSS Windows Storage Spaces metro cluster
  • hyperconverged dual node mirror or multinode scale-out cluster
  • NAS storage cluster with Hyper-V
  • also as Metro Cluster

ES-2900 DataCore Hyper-Converged

ES-2900 hyperconverged cluster with DataCore software
  • stretched dual node mirror or multinode scale-out cluster
  • hyperconverged installable with VMware ESX or Hyper-V
  • ESX certified 24 slot systems with Intel X11 board