All Flash Systems

All Flash Storage Systems are completely equipped with SSD, thus achieving maximum I/O performance. EUROstor offers a variety of different All Flash solutions, from Fibre Channel or SAS RAID systems up to Nimble Storage High Performance iSCSI and Fibre Channel systems or WekaIO solutions for AI.

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ES-6600 All Flash RAID

  • single or dual controller
  • 24 2.5" SSD
  • up to 250 SSD over 12 Gbit expansion port

Infortrend EonStor DS AllFlash

  • single or dual High IOPScontroller
  • FullFlash RAID with 12 Gbit SAS SSDs
  • 2 host port modules, SAS, FC, iSCSI to Host (also combinable)

Huawei Dorado

  • ScaleOut FullFlash RAID System for FC and iSCSI
  • up to 8 dual controller systems in a cluster
  • SAS (Dorado 3000) or NVMe SSDs (Dorado 5000-18000)

Nimble Storage AllFlash

  • up to 2 PB data and 300K IOPS in single array
  • 48 SSD slots (each 240 GB up to 3.84 TB per SSD)
  • 4 x 1/10 Gbit port (optional up to 12)


  • scale out storage cluster for maximum GPU utilization
  • for AI and deep learning applications with very high data throughput
  • over 10 GB/s to a single GPU client