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For any kind of pre- and postsales support, please send an email to

Or call us directly under +49 (0) 711 – 70 70 91 80. Talk directly to our storage experts, without the pain of dealing with a call center.

For remote support via Teamviewer, please download QuickSupport to your computer.

Please read the Remote Support Agreement beforehand and fax/mail it signed to us. Thank you very much!


The warranty time for our products can be seen in our invoice. If you don’t have access to it, you can contact our tech support, tell us the serial number, and we will gladly inform you.

In case of a defective part please also contact our tech support. If there is no express exchange or on-site service bought with the system, they will give you an RMA number, which you please write on the parcel that you send to us.

As a warranty repair often has to be done by the manufacturer of the defective part, and can thus take some time, we generally advice to buy express service with the product.

Express Exchange

For most of our storage products we also offer Express Exchange Service. During warranty time (max. 3 years, expandable to 5 years in most cases), in case of defect we send an equal product (or at least of equal value) as advance replacement.

On-Site Service

For most of the RAID systems EUROstor offers on-site NBD service on request. Here are our Service Terms and Conditions (pdf). For special requirements please contact us.

If you ordered on-site service, please fill out the service registration form (can be filled out after download) completely and send it to us after receiving the product. Only then we can ensure fast service in case of a defective part. If you inform us on a defective part until 2:00pm (friday: 1:00pm), the technician will usually come on the following business day.


Of course we also offer installation of our storage solutions at the customer’s site. Our technicians come to you, install and configure the system in your IT center and show you, how to work with the management interface.

After ordering a system with installation, our technicians will contact you to plan the procedure and the date and time of their visit.

Alternatively also remote configuration over TeamViewer software can be offered.

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