Software Defined Storage

Software Defined Storage, as opposed to traditional storage systems like RAIDs, are a combination of storage software and a server built with standard components. The perfect interaction of hard- and software is crucial when it comes to performance and data availability.
EUROstor builds and certifies solutions with a variety of software products, from simple and inexpensive unified storage systems to scale out systems and clusters.
Our Storage experts will gladly help you to find the best fitting solution for you.

All products: Software Defined Storage

ES-8700 DSS V7 Open-E

  • iSCSI/NAS Server with Open-E DSS V7
  • up to 72 2.5" oder 36 3.5" disks, SAS, SATA and/or SSD, expandable with JBODs
  • server with Intel Xeon technology (X10, X11), single or dual socket

ES-8700 JDSS Open-E

  • ZFS Unified Storage with SAS and/or Nearline disks, SSD
  • NFS, CIFS, iSCSI und Fibre Channel
  • 8 to 72 disk slots, 3.5" or 2.5", opt. expandable

ES-2000 Windows Storage Server

  • NAS/iSCSI server with Windows Storage Server 2019
  • up to 36 3.5" or 72 2.5" disks (SAS, SATA enterprise, or SSD)
  • expandable to 240 disks via SAS expansion port (no additional licenses required)

ES-2800 Nexenta

  • Unified Storage (iSCSI, FC, NAS) with SAS and/or Nearline disks
  • 8 - 36 disks, 3.5 or 2.5" (two of them as mirrored boot disks)
  • based on ZFS file system