Ceph Based Storage

Ceph Cluster by EUROstor

Ceph is a Linux based open source project that offers the possibility to redundantly distribute storage space across many systems, racks and locations. It therefore forms the basis of many highly scalable storage solutions. Ceph is on the one hand extremely flexibly configurable, on the other hand exactly therefore also not really easy to learn.
For customers who have sufficient Ceph knowledge EUROstor offers special servers and will be happy to advise on the configuration of the appropriate hardware.
Some software providers have also developed solutions that are based on Ceph, but make direct access to Ceph itself unnecessary via a management interface. They are therefore easy to manage, also for administrators which are not already Ceph professionals.

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PetaSAN Ceph

multi function nodes (MON/OSD/iSCSI)
  • Ceph-based iSCSI cluster that flexibly expands storage capacity
  • Integrated end-to-end solution based on proven cloud technology
  • n-way active/active iSCSI

Ambedded Ceph

Ambeddes MARS-400 Ceph Cluster
  • Eight micro-servers on 1 U
  • Scale-Out on-the-fly
  • dedicated software management ports per server

Dual Socket Server

24-slot EUROstor ES-3000 dual processor  Server
  • 1 to 4 U dual processor server
  • for Windows, Linux, VMware, Proxmox etc.
  • up to 36 3.5" or up to 72 SAS/SATA/SSD disks