RAID Systems

EUROstor offers RAID systems of all sizes, from tower to 64 bay rackmount toploader, with SAS, Fibre Channel and with iSCSI interface, single or dual controller.
The selection of the appropriate model often depends on the extra features: How far can they be expanded? Are local snapshots or replication to a second server required?
Our storage experts will gladly support you to find the best fitting solution.

All products: RAID Systems

ES-6600 RAID

  • single or dual controller
  • 12, 16, 24 or 64 disks
  • 16/32 Gbit FC or 12 Gbit SAS host interfaces

Infortrend EonStor DS RAID

  • single or dual controller
  • up to 60 disks per box
  • SAS, FC, iSCSI to Host (also combinable)

Infortrend EonStor GS

  • Unified Storage RAID systems with modular host interfaces and Cloud support
  • cache to the cloud, cloud tiering, backup to the cloud
  • EonStor GS systems: single (upgradable) or dual controller

Huawei Dorado

  • ScaleOut FullFlash RAID System for FC and iSCSI
  • up to 8 dual controller systems in a cluster
  • SAS (Dorado 3000) or NVMe SSDs (Dorado 5000-18000)

Huawei OceanStor

  • Unified Storage Systems for SSD and/or Nearline Disks
  • for FC, FCoE, iSCSI, NFS, CIFS, HTTP and FTP
  • Dual Controller RAID, scalable to 8 controllers

ES-1000 RAID Tower

  • 4 to 12 slot tower
  • Areca RAID controller
  • RAID level 0, 1, 10, 3, 5, 6, JBOD, hot-spare

ES-8000 Toploader JBOD

  • ES-8060H - 60 slot JBOD
  • ES-80102H - 102 Slot JBOD
  • swap disk drives in 4 U top-loader enclosure