Modular disk backup and audit-proof archiving

EUROstor starts partnership with FAST LTA and expands its backup portfolio.

Filderstadt, 26 November 2018

In times of increased attention to data protection, audit-proof archiving and, above all, the secure outsourcing of data play an important role. For this reason, the storage provider EUROstor has rounded off its backup product range with the Silent Brick products from the manufacturer FAST LTA.

Silent Bricks combine the modularity and increased shelf life that is traditionally associated with tape technologies with the high performance and availability of hard disk storage. Sets of 12 2.5″ disks or SSDs are redundantly combined in modules – so-called bricks – for this purpose. Thus, even with long storage times outside the controller, up to four disks can fail and the data is still available. The mixing of three different batches or manufacturers also avoids the dangers of serial errors of the hard disks used.

The individual bricks are managed by a rackmount controller with 5 slots, which can be extended by further shelves with 14 slots each. For branch offices, there are also controllers with two slots from which the data can then be replicated to the central IT.

Access is either via NAS (in this case a ZFS file system is set up on the discs within the brick) or as Virtual Tape Library with Erasure Coding on the hard disks.

Revision-safe archiving is achieved by a patented WORM procedure. The bricks are sealed in this case.

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“We are pleased that we could win EUROstor, one of the leading storage manufacturers and resellers in Europe, for us. Our Silent Bricks secondary storage is in the best hands with the specialists of EUROstor”

Reiner Bielmeier, board member for sales at FAST LTA.


FAST LTA is a specialist for safe secondary and long-term storage systems. The combination of long-lasting and low-maintenance hardware, integrated software for data backup and on-site maintenance contracts with a term of up to 10 years ensure cost-effective long-term storage of data from archive and backup applications. The solutions of the Munich-based provider have proven themselves in thousands of installations in healthcare, public administration, film/TV/video and industry.

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“With FAST LTA, we have found a partner in the backup and archiving sector who has developed an ingenious concept and has the experience of many installations in particularly security-relevant companies,” says Franz Bochtler, Managing Director of EUROstor.

“We see great potential for our customers to round off their storage concepts, especially in the area of secure data archiving”.

About EUROstor:

EUROstor has been a manufacturer of storage systems since 2004. At the beginning the company produced RAID systems; today server-based systems, operating as flexible storage servers are the main constituents of our product portfolio – perfectly custom-tailored in accordance with the respective requirements. The solutions range from small file servers and CCTV storage to highly-available storage clusters, scale-out clusters and cloud solutions.

EUROstor’s head office is located in Filderstadt near Stuttgart, Germany and the company is marketing its products to end customers throughout Europe, medium-sized companies, universities, research institutes and data centers.

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