EUROstor is WekaIO Partner

High-performance AI and analytics solutions with WekaIO and EUROstor


Filderstadt, Germany, 20.01.2020

Modern analytics platforms are GPU intensive and require large data sets to deliver the highest levels of accuracy to the training or analytics systems. They also require a high bandwidth, low latency storage infrastructure to ensure a GPU cluster is fully saturated with as much data as the application needs.

Typical data sets can span from terabytes to tens of petabytes, and the data access pattern for each epoch is unique and unpredictable. This calls for a data infrastructure that can instantaneously and consistently feed large amounts of random data to multiple GPU nodes in real-time, all emanating from a single shared data pool.

The Weka file system (WekaFS™) is the world’s fastest and most scalable file system for these data intensive applications, whether hosted on premises or in the public cloud. It has proven scalable performance 10’s of gigabytes per second bandwidth to a single GPU node, delivering 10x more data than legacy networked storage systems and 3x more than dedicated servers with local drives. “Customers who have adopted Weka have undergone operational transformations achieving competitive advantages in the automotive, life sciences and financial services industries.”

EUROstor has included this solution in its product portfolio and has signed a partner agreement with WekaIO™ (Weka).

“We are thus responding to the increasing demand of our customers for storage solutions for artificial intelligence projects”, says Franz Bochtler, President of EUROstor. “With Weka we have found an ideal partner who allows us to offer unbeatable high-performance solutions in this field.”

“We are delighted to welcome EUROstor to the Weka Innovation Network, a global partner program, as an Accelerator level partner, and extend our mutual reach into enterprise storage environments with the most performant and scalable file system available. Weka is architected to solve today’s biggest computing problems in IO-intensive use cases, like AI, deep learning, and high-performance computing,” said Andrew Perry, vice president of sales at WekaIO. “Building a strong channel is a key sales focus for Weka and we are committed to working with our WIN partners to make them successful.”

EUROstor offers this solution in server enclosures, each containing four nodes. Two of these systems (a total of 8 nodes) are minimally required for a cluster.

Further information on EUROstor WekaIO solution: