FreeNAS on EUROstor Servers

With the new ES-2200 series EUROstor offers optimized servers for use with FreeNAS and ZFS.


Filderstadt, Germany, 10.06.2020

FreeNAS is a free open source software and was the first to offer block and file services based on the self-healing ZFS file system. It impresses with its simple management via a GUI, so that no in-depth Linux knowledge is required.

EUROstor has released a server series especially adapted for this software, covering all sizes from small four disk mini-towers to large rackmount servers with 36 3.5 inch hard disks or 72 2.5 inch disks/SSDs.

The ES-2200 systems are equipped with either Intel or AMD processors and can be customized with a variety of options to meet individual needs. Like all EUROstor servers they can be managed remotely.

“Many of our customers have recently asked specifically for servers on which they can install FreeNAS. With the new server series, we meet this increasing demand”, says Franz Bochtler, President of EUROstor. “With the new ES-2200 series we now have pre-configured solutions that meet the basic requirements for this field of application but can then be adapted to the customer’s specific needs with additional network cards, larger RAM etc.”.

The systems are offered with up to 5 years warranty and optional advance replacement service or on-site service.

EUROstor offers this solution in server enclosures, each containing four nodes. Two of these systems (a total of 8 nodes) are minimally required for a cluster.

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