ZFS Unified Storage Server and Cluster now with Fibre Channel Interface

EUROstor offers ES-8700JDSS with Open-E JovianDSS software and FC to the hosts.

Filderstadt, 4 July 2018

Storage servers with ZFS file system offer a number of advantages over classic RAID systems: Since the file system manages the redundancy of the disks by itself, it can localize errors on individual hard drives directly by means of checksums. This also applies to situations where a RAID controller can only report parity errors in the entire RAID set (“Stealth Errors”).

In addition, virtually unlimited snapshots can be created within the file system without loss of performance. and data can be consistently replicated to another system. Performance can also be optimized with read and write cache SSDs.

EUROstor offers this solution based on the Open-E JovianDSS software in its ES-8700JDSS systems with SAS or Nearline SAS disks and with high-performance SSD pools.

Previously these systems were only equipped with Ethernet interface for iSCSI, NFS and CIFS access, but now they are also available with Fibre Channel interface, and they can be additionally integrated into a Fibre Channel network as SAN storage.

The new systems with Intel Xeon Silver or Gold processors on X11 board technology are offered as single servers as well as shared storage clusters.

In a ZFS Metro cluster with FC JBODs and mirroring of the individual disks across locations, EUROstor also offers them as a maximum fail-safe storage solution.

Whether individual system, local cluster or  metro cluster: EUROstor offers systems tailored to the customer’s needs.