QLogic Fibre Channel and Ethernet host adapter von Marvell

QLogic FC/ETH HBA - Overview

  • 8, 16 and 32 Gbit Fibre Channel host adapter
  • 10, 25, 40 nd 100 Gbit Ethernet Adapter
  • for servers with PCIe bus
  • Windows and Linux support

QLogic FC/ETH HBA - fully customized for your business

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Product information

For connection of clients to Fibre Channel, iSCSI and NAS storage systems, as well as for increasing the number of host ports on server based storage solutions, EUROstor offers PCIe host adapters of the Marvell QLogic series. Further information on the supported operating systems and detailed features can be found on the datasheets.

Model overview

QLogic Fibre Channel host adapter
product interface ports
QLE2560-CK 8 Gbit FC 1 SFP+ pdf offer
QLE2562-CK 8 Gbit FC 2 SFP+ pdf offer
QLE2564-CK 8 Gbit FC 4 SFP+ pdf offer
QLE2670-CK 16 Gbit FC 1 SFP+ pdf offer
QLE2672-CK 16 Gbit FC 2 SFP+ pdf offer
QLE2740-SR-CK 32 Gbit FC 1 SFP+ pdf offer
QLE2742-SR-CK 32 Gbit FC 2 SFP+ pdf offer
QLE2764-SR-CK 32 Gbit FC 4 SFP+ pdf offer
Qlogic Ethernet adapter(NIC)
product interface ports
QLE3442-RJ-CK 10 Gbit Ethernet 2 RJ45 pdf offer
QLE3442-CU-CK 10 Gbit Ethernet 2 SFP10 pdf offer
QL45211HLCU-CK 25 Gbit Ethernet 1 SFP28 pdf offer
QL45212HLCU-CK 25 Gbit Ethernet 2 SFP28 pdf offer
QL45411HLCU-CK 40 Gbit Ethernet 1 QSFP pdf offer
QL45412HLCU-CK 40 Gbit Ethernet 2 QSFP pdf offer
QL45611HLCU-CK 100 Gbit Ethernet 1 QSFP28 pdf offer
QL41134HLCU-CK 10 Gbit Ethernet 4 SFP10 pdf offer
QL41134HLRJ-CK 10 Gbit Ethernet 4 RJ45 pdf offer
QL41234HLCU-CK 10/25 Gbit Ethernet 4 SFP25 pdf offer
QL41254HLCU-CK 10/25 Gbit Ethernet, RDMA, iSCSI 4 SFP25 pdf offer
QL41262HLCU-CK 10/25 Gbit Ethernet, RDMA, iSCSI, FCoE 2 SFP25 pdf offer