ES-8700 iSCSI/NAS Unified Storage with Open-E DSS V7

ES-8700 DSS V7 Open-E - Overview

  • iSCSI/NAS Server with Open-E DSS V7
  • up to 72 2.5" oder 36 3.5" disks, SAS, SATA and/or SSD, expandable with JBODs
  • server with Intel Xeon technology (X10, X11), single or dual socket
  • hardware RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60 (12 Gbit Areca controller)
  • NAS (CIFS, NFS) and iSCSI volumes (opt. also Fibre Channel)
  • snychronous volume replication to a second system
  • iSCSI/NFS cluster support with automatic failover (2 systems required)
  • RAID management with embedded Web GUI (Ethernet Port)
  • server management: IPMI 2.0 with KVM support

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Product information

With the ES-8700 series based on Open-E DSS V7 EUROstor builds iSCSI and NAS storage solutions, that support snapshots and replication. On the other hand they offer everything that might be expected from welldesigned iSCSI systems: Each server can be provided with its private volumes, in order to build up real SAN networks on an Ethernet.
These systems can optionally be offered with LSI CacheCade Pro 2.0. With this SSDs can be used as read and write cache, which increases I/O-Performance.
ES-8700 can also be configured as cluster, active/active for iSCSI and NFS.
Some models have been certified as a complete system by Open-E. The other models of the series only differ in the configuration.

Model overview

modeldisksrackm. sizesize WxHxDsize PSU
82 U437x89x6482x 720 Watt redundant
122 U437x89x6482x 920 Watt redundant
163 U437x132x6482x 1000 Watt redundant
24 x 2.5"2 U437x89x6602x 920 Watt redundant
244 U437x178x6992x 1280 Watt redundant
36*4 U437x178x6992x 1280 Watt redundant
72 x 2.5"**4 U437x178x6992x 1280 Watt redundant
*) 24 front, 12 rear **) 48 on front, 24 on rear side
system architecture X10 single socket (XST)
  • Intel E5-1620v4 processor on X10 Board single socket
  • 32 GB DDR 4 RAM, optional up to 512 GB
  • 2 Ethernet ports (1 Gbit), 1 IPMI port
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system architecture X10 dual socket (XDT)
  • Intel E5-2623v4 processor on X10 Board, opt. dual processor
  • 32 GB DDR4 RAM, optional up to 1024 GB
  • 2 Ethernet ports (10 Gbit RJ45), 1 IPMI port
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system architecture X11 dual socket (DA)
  • Intel XEON 4110 processor on X11 Board, opt. dual processor
  • 32 GB DDR4 RAM, optional up to 1024 GB
  • 2 Ethernet ports (10 Gbit RJ45), 1 IPMI port
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iSCSI features
  • Open-E DSS V7 software
  • hardware and software iSCSI initiator support
  • iSCSI automatic failover (2 systems required), optional also with active/active mode
  • masking based on IP addresses
  • CHAP user management
  • MPIO support
  • synchronous replication over LAN (2 systems required)
  • snapshots on volume level
  • flexible volume expansion
NAS features
  • CIFS, NFS, FTP/FTPS, AppleTalk
  • AD, LDAP
  • backup agents (Veritas, EMC Dantz, CA BrightStor), licenses not included
  • antivirus (server shares scanning)
  • NAS volume replication synchronous / asynchronous (2 systems required, also one-to-many, many-to-one)
  • NAS snapshots on volume level
  • flexible volume expansion
  • optional NFS failover (2 systems required)
optional ports
  • additional 10/25/40 Gbit Ethernet Ports
  • 8 Gbit FC ports for FC Volumes
monitoring / management
  • integrated web based RAID and virtualization manager
  • email notification
  • IPMI 2.0 with KVM support
operating systemOS independent (iSCSI hardware or software initiator required)
PSU2 redundant PSUs, PFC
electrical110-230 V AC, 50-60 Hz
temperatureoperating: 5 - 35° C, non-operating: -40° - +60° C