Overland Neo series library and tapes

From library to tape, from RAID + Veeam backup software bundle to content archiving, EUROstor offers a wide range of backup products.
The combination of disk and tape backup makes advantage of both technologies: Disk storage with random access allows for very fast restore of the newest data backup, whereas backup tapes still convince with long and inexpensive storability.

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Overland Tandberg NEO Libraries

80-slot library
  • LTO libraries and autoloaders for SAS and FC
  • from 8 slot 1 U autoloader to 560 slot library
  • NEOs series with up to 48 slots and 4 drives

LTO Media

LTO-8 tape cassette
  • LTO tape cartridges from brand manufacturers
  • New: LTO-8 with 12 TB uncompressed capacity per tape
  • other tape formats on request


Silent Brick controller and shelf
  • Silent Bricks: removable containers with 12 2.5" disks each
  • 12 or 24 TB gross on disk, 3, 6 or 12 TB gross on SSD
  • Idle mode on brick level saves energy

ExaGrid Disk Backup

ExaGrid archive system
  • backup archive for use with Veeam, Veritas, Acronis and many other backup software products
  • scalable as Grid up to 25 nodes, acting like a single system (1 PB full backup with EX40000E)
  • linear growth of capacity, performance and bandwidth