Ceph solution with eight nodes in one U

EUROstor will present an innovative Object Storage Cluster at the CloudFest in Rust

Filderstadt, 26 February 2018

Ceph is the most commonly used open-source storage software for the creation of scale-out object storage clusters. Based upon Linux it is possible to set up storage servers distributing their data evenly and in a redundant manner to the storage nodes via Erasure Coding.
However, a certain minimum number of nodes is required in order to achieve adequate security and performance. Therefore at least three monitoring nodes (MON) and at least four storage nodes (Object Storage Daemons, OSD) are required. Only then a reasonable redundancy concerning both monitoring and the data can be achieved and performance increase will be virtually in-line with the number of nodes.

The manufacturer Ambedded launched a solution that makes it possible to realize many nodes even with reduced storage requirements: for this purpose, the manufacturer installs 8 mini-servers into one single 1 U housing. Each of these servers consists of one processor, memory, flashcard, hard disk and two 2.5 Mbit Ethernet ports. Two redundantly designed switches are located in the same housing and are provided with 10 Gbit exit ports.
Based upon this EUROstor sets up Ceph clusters, whose individual mini-nodes may be configurated optionally by MON (without hard disk) or OSD (with SATA disk or SSD). Thus, it is technically possible to configure an entire cluster in 1 U, with 3 MON and 5 OSD. But, of course, it is preferable to set up one MON and 7 OSDs respectively on 3 of such servers in order to distribute redundancy to the housings. There is virtually no limit concerning the expansion of the systems, even step by step as may be required.

In addition to other products EUROstor will present this Ceph cluster for the first time at the CloudFest which will take place in Europa-Park Rust from 13 to 15 March 2018.

EUROstor stellt neben anderen Produkten diesen Ceph-Cluster erstmals auf der CloudFest von 13.-15.3. im Europa-Park Rust vor.